This excellent gift I received has brought growth into my recovery.  These records will produce days of celebration, days to learn my difficulties, and to grow from them.  For some, this sound small, but for me, this is big!  The photo has been taken with my Canon PowerShot ELPH130IS on Auto.  Altered with Windows Photo Center.  I’ve added some light, some colour, and some e002 (2)nhancement.



Jolly St. Nickvia Daily Prompt: Jolly

Holly jolly Christmas…  Being in recovery from B.E.D, holly jolly is a reality at the holidays.  The only thing jolly in obesity/binge eating is hope.  If it is extreme, it’s crippling.  A morbid existence, not only from being powerless, but also because the metabolism has shut down.  It’s a comatose existence from too much at once:  there is no jolly in the affliction, or from the afflicters.  There is the spirit of hope that Christmas brings.   Jolly old St. Nick and the rest of us B.E.D. eaters need to pass on the milk and cookies and have a piece of fruit or something from the veggy tray instead.


Childhood seductionIt's metabolic disease:
my life, 
my life has been depending,
it's depending upon a pill, 
a pill to metabolize; 
my independence, 
has also been
humiliated, and
I fell upon my knees,
upon my knees for mercy:  
from childhood obesity,
obesity because of
childhood seduction,
seduction, burnout, and blame;
I am making my bed,
with God,
I have been able 
to make my way.

Triumphant Glory!   

Missing Daily Prompt

BlossomsI am still at a loss of words.  This thunderbolt still has me frazzled.  The positive, my independence is blossoming.  A slow blossom.  I could say that good things, like fine wine, take years to mature.   Instead, I am here, and I am doing it.  This growth experience which is forming my lips into a beautiful smile will hopefully last throughout this hot summer and bloom into my lifetime.

Dear Bloggers

Missing the daily prompts, I am also experiencing some writers block.  Thinking of some ways to prompt myself is starting to work.   Just in time for the six weeks of summer.  I haven’t been online much, by the end of this week it will be2018-06-17 12.24.12 a regular habit again.  I have missed reading the articles,  and I am looking forward to the invigoration I get from it.  See you all soon.