Poetry Journal – Aug. 23, 2017

From the suFox - consciousnessbconscious
a manifestation came into view,
fox's from a documentary
in karma with my cat,
and with me:
it is survival,
it is a fast pace.
They befriend, they figure,
they charm, and attract:
seeing how we live,
and seeing why; 
they are picturesque, 
and they are sly.
Then, just like 
with humans, the
circle of events 
start to stop.
Back into our life:
it is an experience; 
it tested our skill,
it tested each's might...


If yesterday,
today, and
all butterflymet 
on the same day,
in the same place,
it would be a spectrum
gathered into a 
timed space:
a spinning dimension,
of the same beginning,
of the same ending;
until the day
it all stop's.
Then, something
valuable sprout's,
something that
can flourish,
something brought
through time.

Cause and Affect

Recovering from domestic violence and addictions, I became inspired to go back over the things I didn’t do well at in school.   There was a subconscious triggered like button occupying this choice.  Needless-to-say, my blossoming skill went into a frenzy.  I went beyond my goal.  Causing me to repeatedly lose my inspirational flow, and to burnout.   So, can of wormsI take weekend retreats.  These include lounging in front of the TV watching movies.  Beginning with this fresh start, I just to go right back into the same frenzy.  With this last crash, I felt a sudden burst of power.   It has finally been revealed, my family and evil society are using and abusing my integrity.  This is my spirit, my intelligence, my morale, all of my credentials.  It has taken years of faith for this Satanic Ritual Abuse to manifest.  God, has cast His light unto my future.  But, losing this consciousness has left me figuring God as slow as molasses in January.  When I am conscious of all of the great things God is bringing forth in my life, I am back to wanting more.  The road to recovery is just that.  A round-about we have to walk, taking it all one day at a time.  Until, we reach that deliverance from…

Science of A Poisoning



Algae before the rain

This is what it had patches of yesterday




This is our river this morning, after the rain.










This is our river two years ago; 2015



Walking over the bridge yesterday, the algae was the worst I have ever seen.  I had wished I had my camera.  So,  this morning after the rain, I decided to go and take that picture.  You can still see the algae blooms beneath the surface.  The ducks are also  swimming in the center,  usually they stay closer to the bank.  I have noticed there has been more traffic this summer, and last winter was very warm (70 f. in February).  These circumstances have brewed this chemical reaction.  I was taught in the early 80’s to walk, car pool, or use public transportation.  Trying to do it was impossible for years.  This failure is from the controlling force of destruction, the mad scientist at work.  Finally, after many years, I am able to save the environment.  This achievement is triumphant glory.  It is the connection to true excellence.