Reading Raining cats and dogstidbits of information bring’s pictures of the past and the remarkable occurrences of today.  This one is noteworthy history.  The information is from The Cat Desk Calendar 2017.  Raining-cats-and-dogs comes from 17th century England.  During heavy downpours many of these animals would drowned.  Their bodies were all seen together floating down the streets.  It had left the idea that it had just rained-cats-and-dogs!

The Dark vs The Light

Sgood vs evil 4pending yesterday in the Landlord/Tenant Tribunal, I experienced strategy.  The power of goodness combating the evil forces of darkness.   Our society still has primitive laws.  In tact, our morale has developed The Chancery.  It’s the law over all laws that null’s these dark demons void.  This knowledge is something beneficial for dealing with anything that is unfair, and is also a written law.


A Social Disease

AlcoMadmanholism/addictions are referred to as a spectrum.  Most are born with this break in their DNA.  It’s been passed down from generation to generation until someone stops the cycle, or this circle of ritual abuse.  This abuse is called affliction.  It’s the sub-conscious clandestine abusing to manipulate for illegal gains, and for world power.  This is the reason for our defeat, our loss of power.  We have been taught it all starts at home, and the grass is greener on the other side.  In conclusion, it can be arrested:  it’s a federal offence to interfere with others…  Good luck wishes for our endeavour.

Solving Problems

self-management-having-decent-efficient-way-47893469Turmoil, chaos, indifference, emotional pain, etc., are times to learn, to think, to apply,  and to get free of.   Thankfulness, comes from having the faith, the power to accomplish this.

It keeps us grounded through circumstance.

The most beneficial progress comes by getting the source into its place.