Tricked My Treats

THallowe'en 2he fall moon has stirred
a fright: 
I'm praying to survive
the goblins afflicting
Hallowe'en's been fun, 
but once again my
candy is done.
He tricked my treats,
devouring my sweets.
My harvest, my health;
he also has my wealth...

Head Count

three headed adultThe three headed sloth (dirt): jealousy, envy,
spite:  emotions used to gain pity.  And, this 
is why using is a Federal Offence.  
A revelation of the sub-conscious predators 
and DNA mutation.  




The Fall splendourtrees are tall,
majestic, and barren:
a missing block 
from a foundation,
a mall of desolation.

Life is on stall;
a ball that's 
always bouncing:
it's a pall of gall:
                                         it's the banging
                                         on the wall.

                                         A splendour of
                                         mystifying colour:  fall.