Daily Prompt – Zoo

Daily Prompt – Zoo

Personality 1A zoo of humanoids.  The paranoid,  idiots, haggling hags, the psycho, and the psychosis.  The bikers, bar flies, the queer, and homeless addicts.  There are more.  But, as you can see, life is a stage of personality.  A zoo of humanoids…

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A Flow of Christmas Thoughts

The ivy weaves its way around,Magical Christmas Tree
the holly pricks, and the 
blood drips down.
Jingle bells and fire; we are all snug
and warm.
With family and friends, our houses
are all adorned.
The meaning is our Christmas
spirit:  freedom in 
We decorate pines:  our insanity
is sublime.
A euphoric existence, with
all hope for the end.
"Santa is coming tonight", 
our little ones try to sleep
so solid.

A flow of 
Christmas thoughts.

The end

Knit – Family Ties

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Close knit and bonded, the clandestine clan with their secret.  There is a sense of humour with them all knotted together scurrying like squirrels for a piece of life’s pie.  Brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and cousins, all gather.  For some family homegrown music, singing, booze, and food.  All laid out and enjoyed.  It’s when you try to leave you realize you are in bondage, a babe of the wolves.   Just like in Hotel California, by the Eagles, you can never leave.  Hope:  faith and time does bring a day of deliverance to greener pastures.  If you survive…

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Transformation – Weekly Photo Challenge


Transformation is physical.  From the caterpillar spinning it’s cocoon, to the recovering addicts rebuilding their decimated physiques, or to the obese who physically resist all the foods they are crazy about.  It all begins with the first physical action that will bring about the desired change.  Transformation, it doesn’t just happen.



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The Underdog cartoon from the 70’s.  A Super-dog saving humans in peril.  Today, I’m rather taken by surprise after reading the definition.   I’ve realized some things, the biggest being the underhanded, the psych, and hopelessness.  That temptation to sway a person into the dark side of how to achieve.  Goodness has lost in order for it to have a win.   It’s reaching that bottom:  this end, to experience the win…  Underdog all the way!!!!



A pStunt Drivingrime suspect.  Triggering the five speed addict into a driving madness.  High performance from both the vehicle and driver.  Swerving them through traffic and flying them down the highway.  Feeling the confidence from performance, and feeling the power as the speed pull’s you back into your seat.  This path of destruction is true horror, gripping your very being.  Filling you with fear and a consciousness:  he is in control and his stunt is death.