CBarbiompromising, how taken advantage of this is.  Every criminal has a trick up their sleeve.  Only the ones who have chosen to get honest have let go of this escape route.  This stirred up the commotion this morning; deluding the police to the wrong back steps.  They’re catching it today, and seeing where it’s all coming from.  Gaining the ground of our financial guidance, and recouping from this major recession, has been an experience of spectrums.  Manifesting this truth into consciousness is also achieving the goal our government has been looking to achieve.  Stopping the margin:  the inequity that lies between the rich and the poor.  We are all to be paid the same wage.  Education is not a ticket to more money.  It’s required for us to bring everyone to a wage that is in compliance with the World Bank’s standard.  This standard set’s how much money we are allowed to print every year to pay for our expenses of health care, education, and welfare.  This will stop the excessive taxing and balance the economy for everyone to afford the cost of living.  This is what I have been able to put together from our education so far.  Getting up to snuff…

Image from Free image.com



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