I Astonishwas astonished, shaken by what I just heard and seen.  So confident and self-assured in what she was doing, when it would make a decent person’s skin crawl. Some people are guilty, not making their choices, not resisting the temptation.  I hadn’t believed it before; now, I see it and the violence it causes.  Shocking what the bad apples will throw at you.

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Bselfisheing one of the few people in my life who like’s gifts,  show’s a culture of people who are  turning into The Scrooge, maybe even The Grinch.  The frightening part is they don’t see it.  Some think they are right, and the worst deny it.  The value of giving; we have welfare cuts.  It’s all inhumane, a selfish greed.  And, it’s all stemming from the dark side.  Some blue sky’s would be nice!

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The Flower

Sun FlowerIt's rough and hairy,
sticky and fuzzy,
composite and towering,
with a happy yellow leaf;
it produces independently,
it can be invasive, and 
it has been domesticated 
since 2000BC:
it's the Helianthus Annuus, and
it's native to here.