I haGuiltyve never been guilty.  This does not mean that I am a stranger to foul behaviour.  God knows I’ve had my share of sin to get free of, and get into its place.  It’s all about choice.   Also, I had never thought of others as guilty, but for some, guilt show’s from their head to their toes.  Sub-conscious trauma:  coercement, subjugation, and stereo-typing, are all a force to be aware of.  The journey is a renewal of the mind if you choose it.

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Domestic Violence

red rosesA brutal man strut's
into the bar, 
eyeing the women, 
looking to score.
he hooks his prey, 
laughing and self-assured, 
he continues.
Taking for himself, 
he's brutal when he cheats;
he defiles to keep everything,
and he impregnates for some emotion.  
Then, he lies and laughs, 
while he corrupts the child.
The mother's hands are full,
she leaves,
like he knew she would.
He staulks, deludes the public,
disables the mother; 
taking her place.
His secret, the appearance was
twenty years, one month, 
and a day in prison,
on this very Mother's Day.
He's still lurking
in the subconscious
looking for another 
to abuse and defile.

Only The Strong Survive

SeeOnly the Strong surviveing the spiritual wolves and their manslaughter/first degree ways is shocking.   Getting through it takes choices, and coping skills.   All sin/destruction is from their coercement.  It is lightened in our minds: brushed off by these predators.  The wrath of God they claim in natural disasters.  Once you see them and their evil power, you realize the meaning of their lives being revoked.   It is not tolerated!