The Journal – July 20th, 2018

Recovery has brought me the realization of laughter and fun; said only to be a part of the alcohol.  Being a social affliction, it’s not the booze that makes the laughter, it’s the rejoicing.  Celebrating with God (our shepherd), who has given us (His flock), the divinity to do such.  Life get’s brighter at the bottom, enlightenment.


Childhood seductionIt's metabolic disease:
my life, 
my life has been depending,
it's depending upon a pill, 
a pill to metabolize; 
my independence, 
has also been
humiliated, and
I fell upon my knees,
upon my knees for mercy:  
from childhood obesity,
obesity because of
childhood seduction,
seduction, burnout, and blame;
I am making my bed,
with God,
I have been able 
to make my way.

Triumphant Glory!   

Missing Daily Prompt

BlossomsI am still at a loss of words.  This thunderbolt still has me frazzled.  The positive, my independence is blossoming.  A slow blossom.  I could say that good things, like fine wine, take years to mature.   Instead, I am here, and I am doing it.  This growth experience which is forming my lips into a beautiful smile will hopefully last throughout this hot summer and bloom into my lifetime.