Up To Snuff

up to snuffBeing the middle
child in a
dysfunctional unit,
some muscle was 
my first acknowledgement,
of what was needed; 
my solid foundation
is almost completed,
it's nice seeing 
Snuff the Rooster defeated!

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The Extent

BlogGetting to my blog has gotten to be more important to me because it has evolved into a readership.  I am more inspired, more driven to write.  I find it all to be exciting with many developing emotions.  Feeling the amount of energy created by these active wheels is incredible.  Feeling thankful for this excellent opportunity, and for the rest of the bloggers who author the pages in this part of cyber space.



InsanityHermetic, its a part of the journey; its one worm in the can.  Pertaining to our code of ethics, principles, values, and morals because we try to achieve privacy rights.  Our freedom from affliction.   The seducers are influencing and destroying, turning some into an island, accusing those who aren’t.  We will reap peace when our foundation has established.  Along with a higher quality of life.  Hear the silence!

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Clandestine Romance

Beginning in the family dynamics,
it start's in the deepest depths of 
the darkness.
With sexual entrapment,
some added blinders,
and some touches of forgetfulness.
Next they find their scapegoat a match:
someone beneath their feet.
A notorious prowler who always
scans to use this opened latch.
Always expressing themselves worthy;
marriage isn't the final blow.
This cruelty is deep and murky.
Neither is surviving the cheating,
the abuse, and the scandalising.
It's all done in defilement:
to desolate their object.
But, only if they're
good at surviving.