StRock a byerange Wednesdays at Everyday Strange inspired this writing this morning.  Reading about having to be nice to others in the business world, I had the chuckled.  I thought, my experience might further the inspiration.  Being disabled is on my side at this time.  My problem is Satanic Ritual Abuse.  My life is plagued with it.  So, when I am in my own home, even walking down the street, there is no mercy.  The abuse is torture, and I can only tolerate so much.  I snap.  Because it’s a snap, the language and slang is criminal.  I’ve often said it, “I’ve said all I have to say!”; they persist for a reason.  The amount of joy, the prestige they feed themselves, is shocking.  The psych ward is a popular wrongful use of power.  They are the grubstakes in illegal gain, calling myself/others the psychopath.  This feeding to the dogs (it all starts at home), is coming to its end.  When the bough breaks, the game is over.  The lesson is large.

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insomniacA disrupted life with disrupted sleep is taking its toll.  My popped out insomniac eyes caught this word like finally catching the culprit in the act.  So, I’m always tired, always hungry, always ticked off, and always repelling aloneness.  I stop.  I let it all go.  Finally, I take a break (just starting to be able to halt).  After all of this, tireless is a welcomed sight.

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Reason in Rhyme

Ahappy-easter-chick18026963t five years old, the story Cinderella was an insult.   Next, having a little girl of my own, singing Rock-A-Bye-Baby was snickers of murder.  Further along, getting into rehab, “these are the people in your neighbourhood”, I understood clearly:  the washed out incey-wincey spider.  But, the raindrops keep falling on my head, along with his knick-knack-patty-whack on my thumb.  Which does end with the old man going home…

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Sense of humourThinking this has something to do with the use of sick humour, I wasn’t far off.  Pre-recorded laughter, is its meaning.  It is probable the use of sick humour is premeditated.  Laughing out loud from the whole belly.  So, while he’s making us laugh at our pain, and other peoples, he has also created himself a market.  Laugh track, the road is long.

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butterflyEvery day I have moments of when.  Whenever will freedom be a part of my core?  This thought was brought about by looking for inspiration today.  The word foreshadow is new to me, it sent my writer’s thoughts into motion.  I’ve realized a few foreshadows from throughout my life.   This lesson being learned from seeing morbid obese people everywhere.  Then, one day I suddenly began eating massive amounts of food.  Surviving with little weight gain, I know I’m going to be fine today.  I’ve had a fox, raccoons, owls, rats, army ants, people with no arms, bald heads, homeless, monarch butterflys (which are now flying straight), and wicked looking cops.  It’s been a hard life, and I can’t recall a foreshadow of freedom.  But, just recently I’ve felt how it feels to fly.  The excellence, the glory, and the freedom to succeed.  This experience is just like when you drink yourself sober, (suddenly feel sober while you’re drinking).  Maybe (hopefully), it’s because my path is clear.

2006 Massacre

IBadidos have learned a lot through research.  I have realized we all know our fate, but the biggest thing is how much the system fails.  This is a part of the political genocide that exists in our society.  Prostitutes, Gays, Bikers, and Natives, for example, if they are not killed by others, they are killing each other, or killing themselves because of a subconscious seduction that needs to be addressed.  The 2006 Bandido’s Massacre was an act of genocide.  The youngest of the gang is doing life, he did not pull any triggers!  In my life it was stated, “These bikers are all on welfare”, then two months later the massacre happened.  I was shocked.  I have been trying to get this truth out, the truth always does eventually.  Things aren’t what they seem, and facts of genocide are all over this case.  The whole truth is important, not just for closure, but also to stop this violence against humanity that is plaguing our societies.

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