Alberts bathAlbert is my cat.  All smokey grey, with round green eyes, and a bushy tail.  At this moment he is in a little gruff because he just had his bath. He has learned to not fear the water, and enjoys clean and healthy afterwards.  I never thought you bath your cat once a week, I read it in preparation to his arrival.  My daughter’s cat had kittens and I was offered the pick of the litter.  So, he’s not just any cat, he is my grand baby cat.  Albert has made such a difference in my life.  His presence enlightens my whole day, and we have become the best of friends.  I’ve been dreading that final day, but I have finally reached to not be crushed by it.  Maybe we will meet in another time, in another place.  For now we are enjoying watching movies, tossing ping-pong balls, and some conversation.  PS:  I also know that he cares about me just as much, and that is cherished.

Huff and Gruff

Huff and Gruff were
collaborated in sin,
Huff would force huff, 
and their object 
would gruff Gruffs' gruff.
It escalated from there,
causing a world epidemic
of huffing and gruffing
without despair.
It's how they made
their fortune,
and they are
still down there,
they are still down 
there without 
a care.

Karine and Fantine

Karine was a school girl,
pure and her mother's joy;
Fantine was of an urchin;
childlike, from her father's
When Karine met Fantine
they became best of friends;
then, their lives changed,
and they were never
the same again.
The things between 
them had flowed,
until one day:
it was like their
lives stopped;
Fantine grew, 
but Nadine stayed 
the same: 
stuck in the mire:
Fantine's dad was 
laughing as he sat,
and counted his squire.



Receiving some Christmas money, I purchased a leather bound journal.  Trying to write, how I want to write, is not happening.  Feeling the frustration, with remembering my prayers, my reaching out to be free of the blockage, asking for the divinity from all the interference that has held me back since childhood:  I’ve had another break through. Writing has been in my prayers since grade school because my ability to spell had been interfered with, all my grades spiralled down from there.  Feeling very thankful this morning.

Trending Criminals

Some are even psychedelic. The estranged have their ways of doing what humans do to survive. Some have said these criminals sold their souls a long time ago, and some have. What I can see today is the one man who holds us all in this throng. This is also where I have learned the value and the result of choices. Quite a remarkable experience.


signs of the endThe names, the places, the happening; when you know the subconscious, you also know the deeper meaning.  The irony that has developed the circumstance, and/or the object.  For example:  there was a trend in the market of witch craft spell books, crystal balls, evil decorated hour glasses, ect..  I was shocked seeing this flow of criminal activity.  Black magic is powerful, and it is a federal offence.  It was the prodigal’s telltale (betrayal), to what some people are doing with power.  Further more, it is an apocalypse pertaining to the  woman (me), who is in the age-old subconscious spot light. I am who these forbidden fruits, that have made some people extraordinary/powerful, are stolen from.  Involving the whole universe, it is quite a scene from those who use to abuse for illicit money.  From all that has been said and done, it is my right to express.  Also, I must protect myself.

Image from Free