Writer’s Spirit

Writers Block is hard, but a lost spirit is heart breaking.  This has been years.  Making progress, and the gang of spiritual wolves taking it for themselves.  Their writing is everywhere; a half measure from the dirty.  You don’t just lose abilities and feelings!  There is a bottom line; it’s a federal offence, not a secret.  There is a colony of these perjuring users, evil in the subconscious.  Which is manifesting into the consciousness. With them being incriminated, it is going to be peaceful.  Free of the dirty liars.  I’ve said it for years, there is nothing worse.


This is a word just found.  A weblog is a personal journal with connections to other sites.  Quite interesting really.  I partly do weblogging, and I really enjoy it.  Reading other peoples experiences always helps in dealing with my own.  I’m just going to have to find some links to some other sites.  So to all the webloggers our there, we have a title.


Drawing a blank, I am back to mindless.  Nothing to say, how convenient.  Quelled and exploited.  So many people bite this fruit.  Seduction is at the bottom of all evil; the victim and the victimizers.  It all makes for a wasted day of ludacris circumstance; stealth.  The worse part; I am feeling this morning, is the effects of disrupted sleep.  It’s just a matter of time and I am going to sleep like a baby…


Legal Cannabis 001In two days smoking cannabis is legal (my community approved for its sale).  The temptation to smoke had flied around me, freedom is a choice.  Like we have always been taught, it can lead to harder drugs.  For a lot, it has.  It can bring you to your knees financially, and for your dignity.  Its legal not free.  To those of you fated (which a lot are), good luck.  There is recovery out there if you reach out for it.  I thank God everyday for my clean time.  I really wouldn’t want to go back and have to start all over again.  Let us not ever forget what it is like.  It is a mental health issue.

Anorexic Recovering

Looking and feeling obese;
most can't see it:
the dirty hideous rats;
themselves looking trim,
themselves feeling and looking fit;
ridiculing, perjuring, and
brushing everything off.
Time is their race;
to their fattened fluff,
to their inculpate,
for some it could be to their choice:
death before justice;
at the bottom, is the culprits.


You know how the first bite of cold air feels.  Sending most of us into thoughts of dread.  This year I am ready to take it on.  This glitch has to be from seeing how many homeless this city has accumulated.  They are predicting a pile up of snow this year, and I am ready to enjoy!  I love the snowy days.  Taking a walk out into the winter wonderland it produces.  My mother had always said it isn’t cold when it snows, and it isn’t.  (Amazing how much the cold will affect people).  PS:  This city needs to cut their high wages.  With this money they could build a rooming house for these people.  Most are mental health.

A Cup of Tea

There is some history 
that comes with 
a cup of tea:
pinery and duty,
along with a 
powerful apogee:
The Boston Tea Party;
which some would 
classify as  
This herb is
and it is mild;
it is still 
the squanderers
to all they've

by:  Geraldine Therrien