For all things

There is many ways to define one thing.  Words give us a whole inventory to define.  Opening my resource this morning in the I’s, every word hit something important.  Infamy and inescapable are listed with inevitably vs infallible, infect with infatuation, and infecund.  A pattern rushes through my mind.  Then, the future brings a smile because the fruits from education and choices are flourishing.  This has been inexpugnable, all from finding some words.  PS:  inexplicable must not be forgotten.

The Ceiling

After learning some economics; beneath the floor and through the roof.  I have realized what our ceilings go through.  We paint them a different colour, said to be so we don’t feel closed in.  Which some experience in small places.  Along with spring cleaning;  a lot of people didn’t wash the ceilings because they were left streaked.  Getting out on my own, I was given the tip to use a mop.  So I did, and the difference is commendable.  I also paint them the same colour as the walls, it’s not psychedelic.  This old way of doing things; people are getting on to it.  The economic ceiling is about to get its cleansing, and it’s about time.  PS:  this could even have something to do with the streakers in the 70’s…


Change is Hard

I’ve done some stuff with blog blocks.  You can do some really creative posts.  Adding pages, blocks, and titles creating a structure.  Appealing for your readers. It’s not what I am use to, and the change is hard.  Doing a lot of off line stuff, there really isn’t a lot of time to get creative.  So, hope everyone has a great day…

Two Sins

The first is to interfere with the growth of another human being and the second is to interfere with your own.  I read this this morning and thought, this is one of the best things I have ever read.  The inspiration is flowing.   I have been working on some painting so I haven’t been blogging much.  Making my way into my choices with hopes for a brighter future.  It is coming along…

The Womens Change

What a moment of joy:  going through the affects of menopause; then, finally getting some relief.  At this point, it still comes and goes.  This is my last month.  It was remarkable learning, and experiencing how my body functions.  Along with the danger in a hormone imbalance.  Also, seeing the spiritual abuse of impregnates.  Freedom at 55, it is going to be so nice once complete.  Now, maybe I can sleep through the night…

Economic Growth

Reading an article by Tim Harford, I became inspired.  Economic growth is what society is to grow into, a healthy economy.  People always want more, and because more is never enough, there is no growth; there is no health.  Inflation is a weapon.  The people in ritual abuse use it against our economy.  There is a whole subculture of these creatures who are decimating humanity to illegally gain for themselves.  Inflation, high wages, and below the poverty line are all very serious crimes that have keep our cost of living way to high for the people who live in legal financial limits.  Our economy is choked by these weeds, and the health care costs that come with it.  We need divinity.  This is a really good topic today, thank you.

Well Being

I labour strikehave learned a lot about well being.  It is the first acknowledgement in the family court.  The best interest of the child; their well being.  There isn’t much of it in society today.  It’s all money/inflation we have been taught not to take.  Needless to say, justice for this milking does get served, and they get to pay their deficit.  Personally, I have always believed in people going into their place; it’s a good place for them.  Society progressing forward into civil administration, civil existence, has become more than a prayer.  I have survived a lot of violence because of all this scamming, and the light has shined onto this darkness.  The freedom of my integrity is coming.

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Seniors Rights

Yesterday was the day.  Fifty-five, I now have seniors rights at the Goodwill thrift shop.  Nineteen sixty three was a pretty crazy time.  Born in the era of the sexual revolution, I have some experience.  I am realizing life has been escalating from there into what we have today.  We are lot like El Salvador. With people, politicians, pushing power; rights they don’t have to extort money, to extort the world for themselves.  After reading the latest news about El Salvador, it is priority one to get this cult activity into its place.  Manslaughter and perjury are both ten years here, life is twenty-five; accidents, stress, and wrongful incrimination, aren’t just happening.  I could think my fifty-five will make a difference, but I know it’s already added fuel to their fire of decimation.


With younger days thaself-management-having-decent-efficient-way-47893469t were out of control, heydays have existed in my recovery.  For some this may not seem like much, but for me they are to the moon and back.  Splish-splash, I had jumped in with both feet.  Conquering my plight and meeting the worlds challenges head on.  I didn’t know if my life would ever amount to anything, when I’ve been on track the whole time.  Rejoicing:  feeling the happy, joyous, and free.


Tshockhis word caught my attention this morning; it’s a good one.  It has manifested why bafflement has been used to plagued my ability to figure out emotion and feeling.  From seeing the sentimental, they are grotesque; obvious in scandal.   These schizoids are looking for pity, while they use my emotional balance.  This honesty is to not leave any room for any kind of foul play:  society is burdened by these intriguing people.

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