Goal Setting

I did it!  A seven foot tree for next year.  Gathering decorations over the last few years, I have accumulated enough for a big tree.  My small tree will look really nice outside with the set of one hundred outside lights I purchased in mistake of indoor ones.   The ten foot ceilings in my apartment made my small tree look even smaller.  The seven footer is a used one.  Inflation in the thrift shops has you paying some prices, but this was the last day of sales before Christmas.  A flash sale came over the intercom:  from fifty-five dollars to ten.  I piped right up – I’ll take it.  I had to push it home on a cart, (they know me, and I live just a couple of blocks from the shop).  It’s going to be so exciting next year to put all of my hand picked decorations on this tree.  I’ve kept them in a trunk, just waiting.

Gentle And Mild

FThe grinchrom reading the forecast, I had been thinking of a white Christmas.  But, this year has proven to be different.  Most of the days have been mild and warm with rain.  Afterwards, you can feel the bitter cold roll in.  Then the whole process starts over again.  They say, “you have to come to terms with it”.  Realizing this is what being reproduced is, the good stuff doesn’t come until salvation.  When the weather will be a consistent enjoyable experience.  Thinking about it does bring about a feeling; a moment of excellence.


ThRed_Christmas_Candles_with_Poinsettiaings are going well.  Very well some days.  This is written in the extreme because some dirty deeds are.  Saying this one day, I realized.  Well is healthy; the recovery of my life.  The unmanageable becoming manageable.  This truly is how it sounds; stress free.  With it almost being Christmas, my spirit is singing the carols in full joy.  Rejoicing and enjoying every aspect of the holidays.  Because my life’s still not in the clear yet, the best is yet to come; 2019 will be a year of years.

Image from Free Image.com


Christmas 2018, only thirteen days to go.  I’m looking forward to the day this year.  To celebrate our future, our journey.  With it now in my sight, it has gotten deep within me.  We always hear about salvation, but it’s when you see it.  You see how the light takes over the dark; you see how divinity brings us back to whole.  The biggest vision is seeing how our planet is being restored also.  At one time it was just water, with an atmosphere nothing could ever survive in.  How our cells came together and we evolved from a worm like creature that was rooted to lake and river bottoms.  We’ve come a long way, and there really isn’t much farther to go.  Wishing you all the blessing of Christmas Spirit.  Toot-Toot!!!!!

Something Nice

There is a needBabes of the wolves, an emotion; a thought, to write about something nice.  Realizing all of the  nice things in life:  being comfortable indoors when the bitter cold wind is howling by the window, or in the extreme humidex heat.  Positive interactions with others, along with a favourite outfit.  Some heirlooms to pass down, or a bucket list vacation.  The list grows.  The part of this that is obvious, is how we are lucky we have anything at all.  We are assaulted financially for the greed, and the illegal gain of others.   Possessing the raw materials, while claiming the world as their own.  It is why there is an emotion, a need, to write about something nice.  It brings the consciousness to why we all suffer, and to why some lose.  A solid foundation is possible, it just takes time.

The Conquest

For as long as I can remember, it’s been all I’ve had, the choice to get control of my life.  Invaded by the occult.  Profiteering, racketeering, and entrapment are their ways.  My life has been extremely violent; I am a survivor of murder.  Entrapped for years, and disabled, I feel worn.  Tired of the abuse, tired of the lies.  Finally, some progress with power is being made.  The matter of time is almost up.  Walking Away A Winner; after all, it is my integrity…