can of wormsYou know when you have written something that has success.  I’ve been experiencing a lull.  My writing has lost its glory.  I can feel the limitation in my mind.  Repeating the same subject.  Lost for words, disabled to succeed.  The snickers from the vector.  In regard, problem management brings me success.  Back into my confidence, and ready to proceed forward with my goals.  I am ready to scribe…

Borrowed Time

Borrowed time?  It’s another one of those facts.  Time conquers all.  This is also why these suicide bombers have no way out.  No one is invincible, and our time is not borrowed.  Some call it purgatory.  The place the sinners go after death.  Today, I can vouch for this reality.  What they are doing catches up to them in their grave.  They get incriminated.  Stopped in their tracks for abusing society.  What’s next?  Do they get re-produced again – obviously not.  Are they welcome – not after what they have done.  So next time someone abuses or is abused, the answers are out there.  Remember to understand your situation to not fall pray to the blissful and forgiveness.  Take the journey to the end.  Nobody get’s away with anything!


Primitive, I would like to see primitive, I said when a child.  The cognition is it is what darkens the already darkened days.  Blinding us to it.  I’ve made a lot of progress since then, surviving the fallacy and putting two and two together.  Still hoping to get to University.  Education is an excellent resource for getting through the toughest times.  Whether it’s political or personal.  The grass is much greener on the other side.  Being on the poor side of town, a few of the back yards are a lot of mud.  There is no growth in the forced poverty we have had to endure.  With them denying victims exist, denying people are disabled, denying the need for welfare.  Some of the offenders of this civil right are poor and some are rich.  But, the biggest offenders are the occult persons who are getting votes and are keeping the evil dynamics in power.  Soon to come to a head.  The freedom is going to save society a lot of cash…


There is a song which refers to rape as hell.  Having someone force themselves sexually, I know I am above it.  So, why does he laugh?  It’s the after glow”.  Toxic, dark, wet and morbid with no power to move, to think, to feel – to exist.  Seduction is emotion, another one of those two-sided coins.  Writing today has been a cognition of emotion affecting the physical, mental, and “where is your God?”, experience.  With the bottom line being fear, and the act is his occult for illegal gain.  PS:  he also takes the rap.


Being the root of all evil; people are estranged.  Doing good business is such a breath of fresh air that you will revel in it.  With history proving all bad things come to an end, this dirty dead shall also pass.  The times of estrangement!  Quite a freedom we will experience…


There are times we meet where we suspect, but the facts are obscure.  The reality can be doubtful.  With life being as explicit as it is, things are unclear, you may become undecided; it’s all definitely indistinct.  Finding the solution to the many problems is a day of revelation.  It is the hope, it is the ability to deal with all that plagues.  It brings us into consciousness.  A whole mind with clairvoyance, and intuition.  Realizing and seeing the environment you live in, when the transcendence starts bringing you out of the dark and into the light.  It is a crime revealed.  It is an unregrettable courage, and forced time wisely spent.

Self Destruction

This word just triggered a flow, and a reality has set in.  The best thing about age is you have seen many things.  Self-destruction, it does exists.  I have realized the scales of its status.  Some people do things to themselves intentionally.  This is a large enough number for such a sacrifice.  I am finding the biggest area of this is from those I refer to as the suicide bombers.  They make a choice of “death-before-justice”.  They are the ones who have used ritual abuse for illegal gain.  This death comes to them by letting the Angel of Death take their life –  taking a handful of anti-depressant, or by not taking care of themselves causing cardiac arrest, cancer, strokes, etc..  Thinking they are blending in society with the rest.  There is the other side which are those who into the cracks of self-destruction.  The frightening aspect of this, they are not doing it to themselves.  The best area to identify this is in the family dynamics; starting with the best interest of the child.  I have gotten to identify most of the acts against them.  For some, it is a cruel, bitter world of lust and greed.  The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, also includes – so help me God!  Self destruct, why?  Getting it into its place is a lot more fun than dying!