troll1When dealing with addictions, there is a revelation.  The Bible calls it intemperance.  The Irish call it the gruff.  Realizing its origins:  it is a being.  Blocking the light to keep us in the darkness.  Possessing us into its mire.  Not able to see life beyond it, most of us have a blind faith. Progress breaks the spell.  Then, we start to realize.  Finally, it’s like being saved from a plane crash.  Being prepared for your first steps into a happy life, you can imagine the glory.

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St. Valentine’s had another celebration yesterday.  With cupid, the cherub, who puts the arrow through the heart.  All a deception to His will for us.  It was a fun day yesterday.  I received a long stem red rose with some baby’s breath.  Meaning, love is forever.  Which, in my life is Guns and Roses.  It probably is a sublime message from my daughters father who is in his 20th year in an Arizona State Prison.  Displaying  his power.  Love is forever and Gods’ will .  It is a toxic violent concoction that contains no mercy.  No light, only dark.  So, being enlightened on my journey through, St. Valentines Day gave me reason to celebrate the light of day in a world that is full of darkness.


ReadAlberts bathing The Muse of The Day, and realizing my fear of the dark; I really don’t need a message.  Same way I don’t need to walk down a dark ally.  Protection is scarce.  It is something we have to develop.  From the spelling, it’s probably the same terrorist just waiting to get his hands all over you – he fornicates.  This muse has triggered some excellent thought, cognitive thinking, spelling, and meaning.  The metaphoric message – get out of the hay!


Freezing rain has turned our parking lots and sidewalks into skating rinks.  The glistening black ice is just waiting for its next victim.  This city hasn’t salted its parking lots or the side walks.  The trees, laden with ice, have that winter wonderland appeal.  Hoping to not suffer from a heavy branch snapping while walking; I have become conscious.  It’s not so beautiful to see these trees suffer.  Or, ourselves.  Water, our most needed resource, has an abundance of appeal.  Whether it is falling over a waterfall or carved ice sculptures.  Its beauty is admired.  My melting spark of hope is the cosmos, like us, are also evolving.  Just think, beautiful weather all year around…

Birth Rights

We all are born with birth rights.  In my life, life as a whole, this is about as common as equity.  So sorry they act towards those they call unfortunates.  They were taught not to stuff their pockets, they were taught the laws of equity.  Still they invade and violate.  When will us “less fortunate” be able to get these “filthy rich” into their place.  And, receive the money that is “rightfully” ours?  And, have them pay their own deficit?  This is a very vicious cycle of ritual abuse.  Just they way they voice the financial violation against others; then, further the violation with defamation.  The light is starting to shine – time is always the side of the law.

Trump Power

Reading an article by Tim Harford, I became inspired.  Brinkmanship, an American Governments solution tact.  Donald Trump has left the Mexican Government to pay for the wall he built.  They are not paying.  Did they ever say they would?  The cost of this wall has always had a spot light with the American people.  This is Trump power.  In his mind people jump when he speaks.  He, a realastate tycoon, has embezzled his fortune by using profit.  Nobody has ever said a word.  In his appearance he is unkempt.  A sign of mental health, or as the bible says, dirty.  He also has his World Trade issue (inflation), with Brexit in brinkmanship.   World Trade had been functioning in whole.  This is his politics, this is all from his conjuring; it’s how he gets what he wants.  But, it’s not working so well now.