At an end; I can see abusemyself.  With my existence as an adult child’s end being premised, my future looks brighter, happier.  This is a very big moment for me.  I’ve been seeking this end for years.  It’s been 55 years of surviving living hell.  Defiling, the abusers laugh.  There is help, and in God, there is also mercy.  Being human isn’t just behavour, it’s also how we get treated…

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Butcher’s Block

DefilementThe defiled.  The mental blocks that limit cognition.  When these manifest, he will make you feel the concrete block he has developed from his mind of sadistic fantasy.  The hardened with power who have been destroying your rights. Destroying you as a person.  The physical powerless existence that has also left you abandoned.  An affliction of an impending doom.  Some freedom has been there from a block breaking, but he’s still persisting – the last block is revealed.  The abuse, the feelings, and torture.   Feeling every second.  Then, pow – the final block of  “who’s to blame” breaks. It’s then, the abuse of power will stop and justice will be served.  An experience to learn from.  Especially the sick humour…

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Growing up and learning at school about politics, war, and hardship; I didn’t see myself in it.  Childhood was hard.  No bling, no Brownies, no cloths, not much of anything.  Different from the others who had opportunity.  Weekend fun in the 4H club, just think.  One day (today), the spectrum comes together:  the memory loss in the political forced poverty.  Along with the blinders to it.  The inflation, the denial of the necessity of welfare.  “They all just want a free ride”, they collaborate.  Also, denying welfare is in poverty.  Still saying they have too much since cutting it.  While they pay themselves $150,000.00 – $200,000 per year, plus padded expense accounts with huge pension packages.  The treason – especially the Conservatives.  The ones who are always cutting services money, never themselves, or the others.  Giving the tax breaks to the rich – never the poor.  While they sit sub-consciously in the aisles at the grocery store, inflating, and laughing.  They’re starting to see their end.  I thank God.  Because, when you open your eyes you will see the manslaughter, the premeditation, it is.


An exciting word.  Thinking of it this morning spun the feelings of the vigour in this life.  Then, blank.  Writers block took a strong foot hold.  But, my thoughts always go to what is going on.  Staying in the moment, he has popped up his head.  “It ain’t me.” he, forces.  Being the biggest obstacle in the human race, the day is awaited by many.  The final scene is quite a scene.  Intentional pity, and disbelieve to obstruct justice.  Obstruction of the reality of all that has been said and done.



Snake in earThose who steal for wealth.  This word is a favourite of mine.  Today, these stealthy fornicating spectacles are being seen by many.  It won’t be too long from now when they will be hanging their heads instead of their hats.  The days of stealth have always been numbered.  We will be the ones to experience its powerful collaboration exposed to all.  To see:  it all begins with the forbidden fruit-of-the loin, spiralling into means of living.  The “devil” doesn’t do favours.

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swimming leechWhen I was a kid, leeches use to make my skin crawl.  You would see them skimming the waters surface like snakes.  Big, black, blood sucking vermin.  Swimming at my Aunts, two of them had latched onto my leg.  Panic was setting in.  I had been on the brink of hysteria.  My aunt, at this time, asked for the salt shaker.  After its arrival, she shook the salt onto the suckers; they fell right off.  Leaving two small holes with trails of blood trickling down my leg.  Today, I find it all to be quite an amazing experience.  Always leaving a reservation before jumping into the water.  Realizing the cause and affect in circumstance:  the leeches had no affect until I seen them there.  The humen leeches are another page…

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