The leaves have started to fall;
  it's ingrained into my mind,
  with thoughts of the beautiful yellows,
  oranges, and reds; then,
  the phantom who say's, "it's all
  created by God!".
The trees around me do not chrysalis into
  these beauties of colour,
  how I miss it's splendour;
  he is laughing:
  how I forget our falls nature... 

The end


TBaffled - cartoonhis is quite an experience this morning.  It triggered the response, “find and define how you’re feeling”.  First thought, feeling is different than emotion.  Feeling, so far for me, has been being grounded.  In my reality, in tune with my body, and baffling.  I’ve also learned it takes being free of intoxication, eating healthy, and staying free of romance (mindless seduction).  I realized how solemn I am.  I was able to identify some of my feelings (beside myself, but feeling).  Remarkable how finding a word can bring a consciousness of what I am feeling because of the choices that have structured me into who/what I am!  Putting ourselves back together after trauma or addictions is to break these circles of spectrums that have us tore apart.

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Sept. 8th, 2019 – The enRealityd of the line:  the motion has stopped; they sit waiting.  Unaware of why, but knowing; justice is coming.  Things are kept calm because suicide is their escape…

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Where Lucifer Meets The Prodigal Son

The story of Lucifer,
I had to wonder:
which dimension are these people from?
Next, I met him:
the devil, 
while learning of the Prodigal Son.
There was a mental block 
that kept these two from being brought together:
a loss of cognitive thinking;
it really does matter.
the devil's dark depth has manifested;
who's always looked the same;
with another mental block,
another loss of whole being...

by:  Geraldine Therrien