It’s Been Awhile

It feels good to be here today.  There is a lot going on out there, and in here.  One hundred people died yesterday with Coronavirus.  That is over 3 people per hour.  With them scurrying for ten thousand more beds, no end in sight; it could be like past outbreaks that have left thousands dead.  Myself, the littles cuts that happen have been over bleeding.  With infection setting in.  Like I’ve never seen before; violent times.  Logically, in this neck of the woods, the world power intent has been at an all time high.  Bound to end one day!

My painting skills are improving.  I’ve changed my focus from Journalist to Artist.  Loving everything I do, and learn.  I’m still full of hope.  Which does tell the story.  Keep warm, eat healthy, and stay active.  These are the keys to good health…

PS:  Soon I will post one of my paintings for you to see!