All Washed Up

Insanity can be hard to deal with. Forced up on life’s stage, where the dogs bight. Go ahead, open your mouth, they laugh. This organized crime is in everything. It is the devil holding the gravel. And he’s been waiting for your arrival. All you have to do to see all of this, pay attention. Where does insanity come into this? It’s when we honestly fight these adversaries. The curse words start flying, as the blood turns to boil. Because of this behaviour, they stand, and call you insane. It’s intentionally all in their favour. How these dirty words just fly off. It’s not my insanity, it’s theirs…

The Washed Up Potato Caper

Not knowing what was going on with their potato sales, the Wilbure
County farmers called an emergency meeting. After the meeting
started, potato farmer John said, “We have to find out what is going
on.”. “You’re right!”, a farmer, in the back row exclaimed. Farmer
John said, “Let’s keep our eyes open, and see what people are doing
around the community.”. All the farmers agreed. They also set a
date to meet again. Farmer John had chose to go to the grocery
store. On his way, he noticed cats and dogs running everywhere.
When he walked across the parking lot, he had dogs nipping at his
heals, and cats hissing at him. Finally getting in the store, all he
saw was boxes of popcorn instead of bags of potatoes. My gosh, what
is all of this he thought. Getting back to his truck was another
battle with the loose pets. Reaching home, farmer John still didn’t
know what was causing the problem. He thought long and hard. But,
he still had no answers. Meeting day came, and upon his arrival,
farmer John noticed the chatter quieting. Remarkably, appearing
through the silence, was popcorn farmer Bob dancing and singing, “Eat
popcorn not potatoes!”. This is when they all realized the problem.
After getting him to leave the potatoes alone, farmer John said,
“Well, I guess we can get back to our farming.”. Another farmer
piped up saying, “Sure, after we take care of the cats and dogs

The End


Symbolism – power of destruction

Inspired by reading articles on my reader this morning.

Wanting to make the grade (be worthy), we make our way. Achieving a clear mind, means divinity has broken the spell. There are many spells in life. Bafflement, euphoria, and intoxication, all obstruct the mind. I think the biggest thing that has helped me in my life is choosing the moral path. I have also learned guilt is real. So, be careful out there, not everyone wants free. What they want is world power. Like we’re taught, not to play nice guy, and get it into its place. My latest revelation is the fact that I am almost free of the causes and conditions that switch me into a path of destruction. A real live Taz experience from the enchanted forest…

Keep going, it’s worth it!


It’s been a lot of days gone by since I started my journey to greener pastures. Today is really quite remarkable. The violence, that has caused the sad state of life has surfaced. Back to the Yellow Submarine – The Beatles; it’s surfaced. With the end in sight, relaxing is something this spot light lady does. Lot’s of good things in store. I have worked hard for this. So, my excitement, triumphant glory, and thankfulness are also present. With the best yet to come…


I have found it, as Californians say. All of my life waiting for the day I would be free. Then, just before the divinity happen’s, you see the afflicters. The living lunatics that take life for themselves. This is also when you are at your lowest of low points. Thoughts like, I don’t think this is ever going to change, and maybe I’m not going to make this. But, you keep going. Seeing these subconscious predators is also sub-conscious at first. Then, one day at a time, the extreme of their violence hits; so does the fear. Personally, I’m a female and these sallies are not composed of almighty! So, what have I found? My freedom from the bondage of evil. Which is a peaceful existence I have always sought.

Bank of Canada Act

Today is National Currency Day in the USA. It’s from the daily writing prompt that I follow. So, I got to thinking in Canadian. Which figure would I put on the one dollar bill (which we have loonies, [ha, ha, ha!])? Are you ready for my choice? The maple leaf to save our breath of life from being depleted. This does mean, from cutting down forest, and not planting trees in the cities, we are losing the very air we breath. If you walk in a city area of concrete, try to find where there is some plant life. Feeling the difference in the air, from what they produce, is very noticeable. Our solution is to stick to the recommendation of two children per family; one child each. They/we really should start enforcing this. We humen are taking up too much space. PS: Also, I would put it onto the five dollar bill.


Image result for Gruff People

Gruff is an Irish term. He is the demon that interferes with one’s work moral. That waking in the thought, ah, not today. There is every excuse in the book as to why things aren’t liked or done. He stay’s beneath us. In that darkened place where all of our fear exist. Grooming those kinds of people with evil power. They are the ones taking our capabilities/abilities. Disabling us so they can take our place in the work place. You know it. It is very apparent when we meet one of these characters. One just think’s, ah, not today…

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Guess What Today Is!

The first original IBM personal computer was introduced to society. This is huge. It was August 21st, 1981. Remembering back to the days. We were taught computers were coming. That they were going to be the next big thing. I was in grade twelve at this time. There had been computer programming courses available. But, our school didn’t have any yet. I use to dream of a laptop. With thoughts of becoming a journalist. The high schools had gotten personal computers the following year. Then, the world became connected almost ten years later on August 6th, 1991 with the introduction of the world wide web. Personally, I am a late bloomer. I didn’t get my laptop until Feb. 2013. It’s also when my life became a part of the web. In which I have excelled ever since. The knowledge at my fingertips has been remarkable. So, when we log on today, we definitely have something to think about, something to celebrate!