It’s Been Awhile

It feels good to be here today.  There is a lot going on out there, and in here.  One hundred people died yesterday with Coronavirus.  That is over 3 people per hour.  With them scurrying for ten thousand more beds, no end in sight; it could be like past outbreaks that have left thousands dead.  Myself, the littles cuts that happen have been over bleeding.  With infection setting in.  Like I’ve never seen before; violent times.  Logically, in this neck of the woods, the world power intent has been at an all time high.  Bound to end one day!

My painting skills are improving.  I’ve changed my focus from Journalist to Artist.  Loving everything I do, and learn.  I’m still full of hope.  Which does tell the story.  Keep warm, eat healthy, and stay active.  These are the keys to good health…

PS:  Soon I will post one of my paintings for you to see!

Chop Suey

With today being American Chop Suey Day, I have decided to share the Canadian Chop Suey recipe I was taught with you.  Being taught to use left over roast beef gravy; I use bouilloux in my roast beef gravy for added flavour; then, plan the chop suey for the day after the roast beef dinner.  Using your choice of beef steak, and some celery, onions, bean sprouts, soya sauce, and rice or pasta.  Brown your steak on both sides, adding celery and onions, cooking until crisp and meat is done to your liking.  Add the gravy, let warm up; then, add soya sauce (enough to darken the gravy), and bean sprouts.  Cook another five minutes.  Serve on a bed of rice or pasta of your choice.  I really enjoy the angel hair pasta.  It’s a fast dinner on a busy day!  If you try this, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have…  PS:  Use a nice amount of celery along with onions – to taste the celery.  PSS: canned gravy or pan gravy from browning the steak will work also.

Martin Luther – This Day 1963

Aug. 28th, 1963, Martin Luther King., Jr. delivered his speech.  His dream to have all colours of people treated equal around the world.  Since I read this prompt this morning, I have had a few details run through my mind.  First is, he had a dream, not a reality, and he was slaughtered.  Second, his sir name was King.  Just like Elvis, the King of Rock and Roll, and Michael Jackson, the King of Pop.  Along with Prince, the King of Soul.  In my country, there has been equity laws enacted that has given people these equal rights.  But, they still are not up to these laws in the area of financial equity.  They still have services below the poverty line; with estranged requirements, and ways of doling.  While they are over paid.  But, this violation is starting to manifest – effect those in power.  Along with those through the ceiling.  We must remember, it took five hundred years to develop our civil rights.  Faith, and time, will eventually deliver the wholesome results which have always been intended by most people.





Fellow Bloggers

008With it being Canada Day, eh,  I always feel for the Native North Americans.  Maybe, some will have a table at the park.  The community I live in has a Festival of Nations.  At one time, it lasted for the week.  The recession has taken a lot from our community, (They all just got a big raise).  One year, I purchased this hand made doll.  It’s about three inches long.  The craftsmanship is remarkable.  The young Native teen who sold it to me said you make it for your little brother or sister to play with.  On top of the colourful fabric is the beautiful bead work.  You can see the star with a bead on the blanket.  It also has ear rings.  The one with the beads were more than the plain, but when he billed me, he charged me the lesser price.  I asked him , “are you sure?”.  “Yes”, he012 (2) replied.  When I walked away, I looked back, and seen his hurt.  There was nothing I could do (forced poverty).  I’ve thought about it for these past years.  So, if I purchase something this year, I am ready.  Something I can put  with my little doll.  Another treasure of someone’s story for my box.


Blue WhaleJune 20th, 2019
With today being National Cream Soda Day, my writers itch had no scratch. But, when I read about the National Eagle Day, there was an effect. The wheels of thought started rolling. Along with the din of controversy. The first time I seen the eagle as a national representation, it shocked me. The bird looked like a cold blooded killer. With it’s eyes on its prey. Gliding like smooth liquid on top of the air currents. Its powerful talons ready to capture its next meal. Strong, confident, and striking in its plume; it’s survival. As a nation, like my own, we are to give this land back to the natives. The United States of America does not have the right to survive as a nation. Memory loss has a huge impact in this. Just for fun:   the Blue Whale, which is on the extirpated list, would be an excellent choice. It is the largest animal known to exist at 98′ long and 173 tons in weight. In time, all of the countries in North America will be similar to the blue whale. It all seems so blue, but in the end, it is true happiness.

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National Holiday’s

June 15th, 2019
What today is will send emotions through out your entire being. A jolt of invigoration. It is “Go Fly a Kite Day”. Benjamin Franklin, on this day, in 1752, found a way to capture hydro energy. This is an excellent day to get it all out. Technology isn’t what we think it is. After all, sonar does not go through walls for the cell phone ring ding. So, with all of the humours and thoughts ignited, I will begin with the source. The interference from the sinister, who persist at making life theirs. They are into the ring ding; calling themselves all the wiser for their vexed technology. In my life, this interference takes me from being able to see or figure out the integrity of hydro. Today, seeing the power and how it can jolt something into motion, has also unveiled the over-billing that has always existed. Not being able to figure its integrity is also a strategy used to shut peoples mouths about it. Living without it at this point would have a huge impact on society (not funny). Another big problem with hydro is the toxic waste, from them having to push it down the lines. Grubstakes looking for money, really don’t do logic. They also keep pushing in the courts until they win. This is a huge problem in our courts. And, the clean energy is being denied. As-a-result, we are all left to suffer. The only solution I can see is political and social intervention to get this all set straight. The integrity of hydro, the toxic waste, and the billing department. Also, the loss of land water from the global warming permafrost melt has to be empowered to stop the bicker in the courts for grubstake money. With that, it is also The Power of a Smile Day; lets all smile. And, in 1851 the USA opened its first ice cream manufacturing facility. Producing 1.6 billion liters per year. Making them number one in ice cream sales. What will happen today, for tomorrow to think about?

The Detective – cont.

Ugh, the phone.  After composing herself, Luci answered, “Hello”.  “Hello, is Miss Luci Monroe home?”, a woman, asked.  “Yes, I am Luci.”, she answered.  “Hi, I am Mrs. Jankson, from International Express Board.”  “You applied for the position we have available in the communications office.”  “We would like to have you come in for an interview.”, she, talked with Luci.  “This is great.”, Luci said, in excitement.  “Can you come in Thursday morning for 10:00 am?”, Mrs. Jankson, asked.  “I will be there.”, Luci, answered.  “Ok, we will see you then.” “Good bye”, said, Miss Monroe.”  “Good bye”, Luci, said, and hung up the phone.  Yes, this is positive.  Hopefully, some luck will finally be on my side.  Lucy had thought.  Then, she remembered.

To be cont….

Birth Rights

We all are born with birth rights.  In my life, life as a whole, this is about as common as equity.  So sorry they act towards those they call unfortunates.  They were taught not to stuff their pockets, they were taught the laws of equity.  Still they invade and violate.  When will us “less fortunate” be able to get these “filthy rich” into their place.  And, receive the money that is “rightfully” ours?  And, have them pay their own deficit?  This is a very vicious cycle of ritual abuse.  Just they way they voice the financial violation against others; then, further the violation with defamation.  The light is starting to shine – time is always the side of the law.


can of wormsYou know when you have written something that has success.  I’ve been experiencing a lull.  My writing has lost its glory.  I can feel the limitation in my mind.  Repeating the same subject.  Lost for words, disabled to succeed.  The snickers from the vector.  In regard, problem management brings me success.  Back into my confidence, and ready to proceed forward with my goals.  I am ready to scribe…

Borrowed Time

Borrowed time?  It’s another one of those facts.  Time conquers all.  This is also why these suicide bombers have no way out.  No one is invincible, and our time is not borrowed.  Some call it purgatory.  The place the sinners go after death.  Today, I can vouch for this reality.  What they are doing catches up to them in their grave.  They get incriminated.  Stopped in their tracks for abusing society.  What’s next?  Do they get re-produced again – obviously not.  Are they welcome – not after what they have done.  So next time someone abuses or is abused, the answers are out there.  Remember to understand your situation to not fall pray to the blissful and forgiveness.  Take the journey to the end.  Nobody get’s away with anything!