The leaves have started to fall;
  it's ingrained into my mind,
  with thoughts of the beautiful yellows,
  oranges, and reds; then,
  the phantom who say's, "it's all
  created by God!".
The trees around me do not chrysalis into
  these beauties of colour,
  how I miss it's splendour;
  he is laughing:
  how I forget our falls nature... 

The end

Where Lucifer Meets The Prodigal Son

The story of Lucifer,
I had to wonder:
which dimension are these people from?
Next, I met him:
the devil, 
while learning of the Prodigal Son.
There was a mental block 
that kept these two from being brought together:
a loss of cognitive thinking;
it really does matter.
the devil's dark depth has manifested;
who's always looked the same;
with another mental block,
another loss of whole being...

by:  Geraldine Therrien

Martin Luther – This Day 1963

Aug. 28th, 1963, Martin Luther King., Jr. delivered his speech.  His dream to have all colours of people treated equal around the world.  Since I read this prompt this morning, I have had a few details run through my mind.  First is, he had a dream, not a reality, and he was slaughtered.  Second, his sir name was King.  Just like Elvis, the King of Rock and Roll, and Michael Jackson, the King of Pop.  Along with Prince, the King of Soul.  In my country, there has been equity laws enacted that has given people these equal rights.  But, they still are not up to these laws in the area of financial equity.  They still have services below the poverty line; with estranged requirements, and ways of doling.  While they are over paid.  But, this violation is starting to manifest – effect those in power.  Along with those through the ceiling.  We must remember, it took five hundred years to develop our civil rights.  Faith, and time, will eventually deliver the wholesome results which have always been intended by most people.






Blue WhaleJune 20th, 2019
With today being National Cream Soda Day, my writers itch had no scratch. But, when I read about the National Eagle Day, there was an effect. The wheels of thought started rolling. Along with the din of controversy. The first time I seen the eagle as a national representation, it shocked me. The bird looked like a cold blooded killer. With it’s eyes on its prey. Gliding like smooth liquid on top of the air currents. Its powerful talons ready to capture its next meal. Strong, confident, and striking in its plume; it’s survival. As a nation, like my own, we are to give this land back to the natives. The United States of America does not have the right to survive as a nation. Memory loss has a huge impact in this. Just for fun:   the Blue Whale, which is on the extirpated list, would be an excellent choice. It is the largest animal known to exist at 98′ long and 173 tons in weight. In time, all of the countries in North America will be similar to the blue whale. It all seems so blue, but in the end, it is true happiness.

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Butcher’s Block

DefilementThe defiled.  The mental blocks that limit cognition.  When these manifest, he will make you feel the concrete block he has developed from his mind of sadistic fantasy.  The hardened with power who have been destroying your rights. Destroying you as a person.  The physical powerless existence that has also left you abandoned.  An affliction of an impending doom.  Some freedom has been there from a block breaking, but he’s still persisting – the last block is revealed.  The abuse, the feelings, and torture.   Feeling every second.  Then, pow – the final block of  “who’s to blame” breaks. It’s then, the abuse of power will stop and justice will be served.  An experience to learn from.  Especially the sick humour…

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We have to get over our obstacles.  The biggest for me is interference.  Identifying all of the issues, the list is small, but these circumstances are large; powerful.  So, I guess God will keep carrying me over them.  Making something of my life has been a huge challenge.  One that is going to effect all of humanity.  Some say I should retire, but putting something into life gives me a quality.  A quality I have decided to keep until I can no longer exist.


Mental Faculty

Sharing this today, the full brunt of the experience has hit.  Employing my mental faculty never pays off with the incessant.  My voice, at times, literally has their tongue in it.  The Tower of The Tongues in the Bible has a deeper meaning.  It manifest’s from the sub-conscious.  It is a part of their quelling people.  And, the purjuring they do for illegal gains.  The roots of this in my life is stemming from domestic violence and the family court.  Sad part is he had won.  The progress,  he has started his twenty-second year in a State Prison.  Yes, he made legal entry into the USA, by way of marriage; with a little girl.  He was separated with-in six months and looking to take her house.  Be aware!  They force in the sub-conscious and prowl around the cities and towns for the vulnerable.

The Detective – cont.

Lucy was waiting for the detective to answer his phone.  “Detective Brotzman”, he answered.  “Hi, this is Luci Monroe.”, she, responded.  “How can I help you Luci?”, he, asked.  “I remembered my dad saying that my mother and my uncle Will were up to something, ganing up on him.”,  “Now, I am thinking they stole his bank heist money, and left him hanging.”.  “It’s all of this stuff that has kept me up at night.”, Luci, finished.  The Detective thought for a moment.  Then, he said, “We are searching, and making some calls.”, “I’m sure we’ll find something.”, “Thanks for the call.”,  “We will be looking into this further.”, the Detective, let her know.  “Oh, one thing we did find, none of the bank money has ever been spent.”, “It’s still out there some where.”, he, finished.   The conversation ended.  Deciding to go where her and her dad had often went, she grabbed her purse and left.

To be cont….

The Detective – cont.

This coffee is really fresh.  And, this homemade butter tart is so succulent.  After I am done, I’m going home for a nice hot bath, and a nap.  Thoughts keep swirling through my mind and I can’t shut it off.  Maybe I’ll try the prayer and meditation group that meets every Thursday night in my apartment complex.  It does bring relief from the cost-of- living aura.  Profiteering is what it is.  Hopefully, I’ll here something (hey, I can include all my life crap into my meditation), from the detective soon.  What’s his name again, Mr. Brent Brotzman.  Doesn’t sound flavourable on a spit!  (Luci smiled at her thoughts, and left to go home.

To be cont….



It’s Thoughtsroots come from mean, poor, and worn-out.  To name just a few.  I think of the tattered blue jeans.  Our lives don’t just show in our eyes.  The trends tell the times.  Along with the howling wind,  they’re a sign of the end.  Forced poverty and inflation, are going into their place.  It’s not just a bad day.

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