July 28th

Is National Fingerprint Day.  (Being the day of the first fingerprint).  Once again I am two days late.  But, this is an excellent topic.  With Ed Emberley famous for his fingerprint drawing, there is a women in our city who shared her grandmothers Christmas thumbprint cookie recipe.  They are a hit at Christmas.  With everyone putting their criminal thumbprint in  a cookie, then filling it with jam.  Perfect for the aura of crucifiction.  It does bring a release from the year’s misdemeanours.  Along with a freedom from the grace of God.

If you would like to try this with your family this is a link for a printable recipe.  PS:  Pistachio nuts with raspberry jam makes excellent Christmas colours.





Inspire Me

Inspire me in a world full of inequity:
inspire me to believe,
inspire me to keep trying,
inspire me to make that difference...

(These inspirations are everywhere,
   helping people to drive themselves to a better life.)

Keep writing, and many thank's

National Junk Food Day

I’m two days late.  But, it’s true.  June 21st is National Junk Food Day in the USA.  I was a little shocked when I read this.  National Junk Food Day – how much do you eat, how often, and do you let yourself eat it?

This reality can evolve from decadent to succulent.  Learning how to eat a treat everyday does stop sugar binges, and temptations.

Also realizing these treats are not junk;  they all have some nutritional value.  Date squares made with oat flour have become a personal favourite.

Celebrating National Junk Food Day is a reality – toot, toot.  With the sweetened flavours, textures, and aromas fulfilling my senses.  Producing a satisfaction in the daily routine of foraging.

Next time you grab a treat, think about it.

PS:  best chances are you do deserve it! (lol)

The Bottom

Living at the bottom
is dark, and saddened,
hopeless, and abandoned.
Pain and sorrow are teemed with morbid reflection.
Seemingly, to be all there is.
It's where prayer is a welcomed solution;
a refuge from wreckage.

Butcher’s Block

DefilementThe defiled.  The mental blocks that limit cognition.  When these manifest, he will make you feel the concrete block he has developed from his mind of sadistic fantasy.  The hardened with power who have been destroying your rights. Destroying you as a person.  The physical powerless existence that has also left you abandoned.  An affliction of an impending doom.  Some freedom has been there from a block breaking, but he’s still persisting – the last block is revealed.  The abuse, the feelings, and torture.   Feeling every second.  Then, pow – the final block of  “who’s to blame” breaks. It’s then, the abuse of power will stop and justice will be served.  An experience to learn from.  Especially the sick humour…

Image from Free Image.com




We have to get over our obstacles.  The biggest for me is interference.  Identifying all of the issues, the list is small, but these circumstances are large; powerful.  So, I guess God will keep carrying me over them.  Making something of my life has been a huge challenge.  One that is going to effect all of humanity.  Some say I should retire, but putting something into life gives me a quality.  A quality I have decided to keep until I can no longer exist.



Who Am I, an album from the 60’s by Petunia Clark.  One day I started realizing.  We are reproduced, so, Who Am I?  Coming from a violent childhood, it’s been quite a trip.  Always, I am thankful for all of the self-help that is available.  For all of the steps education has taught us to take.  Which has gotten me to where I am at with it all today.  Who I am?  Once I get the answers, my puzzle will be complete…


Goal setting; mine are going ok.  I work at them, make some progress, and disability creeps back in.  Then, feeling down, I pick myself back up.  Getting back to it, use to take years, now it just takes a day or so.  The interference is my limitations.  Destroying some of my product, but I am still seeing some development.  So, it’s worth it to keep trying.  PS:  if I was doing it for money, I wouldn’t be able to make it happen.


Mental Faculty

Sharing this today, the full brunt of the experience has hit.  Employing my mental faculty never pays off with the incessant.  My voice, at times, literally has their tongue in it.  The Tower of The Tongues in the Bible has a deeper meaning.  It manifest’s from the sub-conscious.  It is a part of their quelling people.  And, the purjuring they do for illegal gains.  The roots of this in my life is stemming from domestic violence and the family court.  Sad part is he had won.  The progress,  he has started his twenty-second year in a State Prison.  Yes, he made legal entry into the USA, by way of marriage; with a little girl.  He was separated with-in six months and looking to take her house.  Be aware!  They force in the sub-conscious and prowl around the cities and towns for the vulnerable.


bloodstone - heliotropeAlso known as a blood stone.  I found this to be quite interesting (as I would).  So, I did my research.  The blood-red appearance is from iron.  The crystal being jasper.  And, the spiritual people who are into the chi, use it as a resource for grounding.  Some others use it to ward off negative energy (blood shed written in stone).  I am coming to realize, my thinking of it as some kind of primitive blood preserved in a stone, wasn’t so far off.  Further more, there is the blood oranges.  Which aren’t so far from the blood sausage.  How bloody!

PS:  Happy Easter!

Image from Free Image.com